Recycle Cincinnati
7426 Montgomery Rd
Silverton, OH 45236

What We Do

Got a houseful of stuff you don't want? Or just a few big things in the way? 

Check this out: We'll come take it off your hands pronto with a truck and a smile. 

What do we do with all the stuff? 
Well, forget that business about one's man junk being another man's treasure, and not just because it's sexist. Most of the loot gets donated to charity, sent to the recycler, or repurposed in some uber creative way.

As luck would have it, we sometimes run across some really awesome stuff. Vintage furniture, primitive antiques, stone-age radios that work. You get the idea. We pluck out the treasures and present them to you at our 2,000 sq ft showroom. 

Nothing sticks around long, so frequent browsers are welcome. Just ask any of our regulars, but you'll have to get here first.